FAQ in Webserver Programming available

This short blog post merely announces the availability of a new resource here at named FAQ in Webserver Programming. It's a collection of questions and answers that might come up when developing the server-side part of a web application and one actually cares about utilizing the strengths of the web.

How come?

Since October 2016 I'm teaching the lecture Dynamic Web at the University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenberg.

In principle, the course is about server-side web programming. It is important to me that the students learn the basics of HTTP and general webserver programming without any focus on a particular platform.

In the exercises we of course need some kind of technical foundation. We've chosen node.js — when not used in conjunction with a framework like express.js — because it's pretty low-level and does not abstract away parts of HTTP. Being new to node.js as well, one thing that surprised me was its lack of support for parsing request body data.

Published by Robert Möstl

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