Podcasts about Bootstrapped Startups and Consulting

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    Startups for the Rest of Us

    The number one podcast for developers who want to start their own business. Rob Walling and Mike Taber give tactical and strategic advice for self-funded startup founders.

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    Freelancers' Show

    The vast majority of freelancers believe that being a generalist and offering an as broad portfolio as possible will land the best and most clients, when in fact the opposite is true. I'm a strong proponent of "niching down". So, if you're a "jack of all trades" kind of freelance, the Freelancer's Show might change your view on this.

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    Freelance Transformation

    Matt Inglot interviews successful consultants and freelancers. The shows are about one hour long and Matt is asking great questions. I recommend listening to episode 20 in which Patrick McKenzie tells the story how he was able to charge $30,000 per week.

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    Kalzumeus Podcast

    A rather infrequent podcast hosted by Patrick McKenzie (patio11) and Keith Perhac. They give a deep insight into the mindset of successful bootstrappers and consultants. I find Patrick's concept of the "multi-dimensional" preference base an extremely important trait every business-owner should have.

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    Product People

    Justin Jackson is interviewing popular entrepreneurs from the self-funded startup camp. Learn what really matters when building a startup from people like Rob Walling, Amy Hoy, Brennan Dunn, Patrick McKenzie and DHH.

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    Stackoverflow Podcast

    Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky published their weekly status meeting as a podcast while building Stackoverflow.com. On the one hand it's fascinating to "watch" how this amazing site was built from ground up. On the other hand it's just plain entertainment. I listened to all of the original Stackoverflow podcast episodes. Tip: their beef with Uncle Bob aka Robert C. Martin is one of best.