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Visualization Software and Vendors

  • Tableau, rich data visualization suite, also useful for data exploration
  • Raw, an open source tool to turn spreadsheet data into vector graphics, amongst other things useful for data exploration
  • Geckoboard, SaaS to build KPI-Dashboards
  • QlikView / QlikSense, data visualization products
  • Grafana, open source graph and dashboard builder aimed at visualizing time series data
  • Alteryx, claims to be a platform for self-service analytics
  • Plo.ty
  • Slemma
  • Voyager
  • Microstrategy

Visualization related software

  • DataWrangler, research project with a good demonstration video, turned into Trifacta
  • Trifacta Wrangler
  • Alteryx, not only data preparation, but my impression is that they started out as a data preparation company
  •, cloud-based data intergration platform
  • Paxata, yet another data prep solution named in a user comment alongside Alteryx and Trifacta


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