Podcasts about Software Development

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    The Changelog

    Adam Stacoviak and his fellows are interviewing known people from the the open source world. They often bring episodes about the latest technologies (e.g Go, Elixier etc.) but sometimes also discuss more settled software like curl or Middleman. If you want to stay on top of what's happening especially in web technologies, this podcast will serve you well.

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    Javascript Jabber

    If you want to stay on top of the latest and greatest hypes in the JavaScript universe, then this is a must-listen podcast. Apart from surfing the JavaScript buzz-wave - think Angular, React or Ember - they occasionally talk about more in-depth, long-lasting topics like Refactoring JavaScript Apps or Maintainable JavaScript.

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    InnoQ Podcast

    InnoQ CEO Stefan Tilkov & Co provide brief German introductions to current technologies like Play!Framework and Ruby on Rails. They prepare their shows well and keep them brief.

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    Donau Tech Radio

    This is the only Austrian podcast I listen to on a regular basis. Tom Einwaller and Andre Steingreß talk about latest news in the Java and Groovy universe.

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    Working Draft

    This is my number one resource to stay on top of new developments in the HTML and CSS realm. Are you constantly struggling with your CSS stylesheets being a mess? Then their episode on SMACSS will point you in the right direction. Working Draft is produced by a few German and one Austrian (Stefan Baumgartner) front-end developer.