Markdown Link – Firefox Add-on

Markdown Link is a minimal Firefox Add-on to easily generate a markdown link of the current website. For example [](


Through the keyboard shortcut Alt+Insert (Alt-Cmd-L on Mac).

How to install?

Visit Markdown Link on the Firefox Add-ons portal

How come?

I document a lot of stuff in markdown and therefore was a years-long user of a Firefox Add-on called Firelink. One day I recognizes that, when enabled, Firefox used huge amounts of my laptop's CPU and memory. So I went to develop Markdown Link as a replacement.

Any performance drawbacks?

Markdown Link is a Web Extension registering a keyboard event listener. So not a big deal when browsing. But when you do a lot of editing, this event handler is executed for every key stroke. On my laptop though, I haven't experienced any performance drawbacks so far.

I may explore the web extensions API in more detail to see if there's a more efficient and secure way to capture (just the relevant) key strokes. Any hints appreciated.

Any plans to open source it?

Had no time to do so. If you'd like to see it open sourced, let me know. I'm @rmoestl on Twitter. You sure find out my email address as well.

Published by Robert Möstl

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