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My name is Robert Möstl, I'm from Styria (Austria), and I run a solo business called Scaling Curve since 2016.

I build and maintain web applications for small to mid-sized businesses in Austria.

From 2016 to 2019, I also focused on data visualization. It is still fun, but building web-based business applications is even more fun. Today, data visualization is simply a part of my job to build great web apps.

Take a look at my professional portfolio over at Scaling Curve.

For a collection of personal side projects take a look at tools.

How to say hello?

moestl dot robert [are you a spammer?] gmail dot com or on Twitter @rmoestl.

What are yoda conditions?

A yoda condition is a programming expression in which the elements are interchanged compared to their more intuitive, natural order. For example if (5 == count) instead of if (count == 5). It's like when Yoda would say "if strong is the force" instead of "if the force is strong".

I first came across this term in Jeff Atwood's blog post New Programming Jargon. Yoda conditions can be pretty useful. For example, I like to use if ("".equals(str)) to avoid a NullPointerException in Java in case str is null.