A collection of personal software, apps, websites and tools. – An online service to check HTTP/HTTPS & www/non-www redirects. Link

2018Markdown Link – A Firefox web extension adding a shortcut to easily generate a markdown link of the current web site. More info

2016Scattr – Scatterplot tool to explore data online easily. True "serverless" cause data is stored in local storage of your browser. A self-assigned project to help build my data visualization portfolio. Used d3.js. Now offline. – Comparing team statistics of the "1. Deutsche Bundesliga" on one screen using a sprinkle of data visualization magic and d3.js. Also a self-assigned portfolio project. Now offline.

2015C-3PO – Static website generator written in Java 1.8 based on the great Thymeleaf templating system. Using it for all my websites. Allows to write articles in Markdown (Commonmark). Some built-in SEO features. On Github – Independent website about the transition to the DVB-T2 television standard called SimpliTV in Austria. About 100.000 unique visitors since launch in 2015. Not bad for 15 hours of work. Website

2013Channel List Editor – Android app enabling hassle-free channel list editing for Samsung TVs. Retired but still grateful to see I was able to publish a piece of software being used worldwide.

Published by Robert Möstl